HelloWorld is a marketing, web and graphic design agency in Waterford, Ireland.

Our interests are diverse and we love a challenge. We look for clients that inspire our passions and push our limits.
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Who We Are

The best work comes from people invested in the outcome. Your business is our business, and we believe in developing customised marketing materials that actually work.

We’re 100% committed to our clients’ ongoing success. This means every design asset has to be innately understood by your customers at first glance. It’s not just good UX, it’s understanding that business needs are driven by real people.

We don’t make square pegs fit round holes: we get under the skin of what our clients want, and offer them what they need.

Web Design and Development Services

Tailored to suit your needs and professional style, we offer a wide range of web development services.

Types of web sites include, but are not limited to, Business Websites, Photo Sharing Websites, Writers, Authors Websites, Community Building Websites, Mobile Device Websites, Blogs, Informational Websites, Online Business Brochure/Catalog, Directory Websites & E-commerce Websites.


Design, Print and Marketing Services

From concept to print, we can create business cards, brochures, corporate gifts, promotional products, and more.

While digital publishing and computer programming allows us to reach an extreme number of potential customers, there is something special about bringing designs to life and into the physical world. Being able to feel and touch the quality and time you put into your brand creates a lasting impression with your audience.


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It’s essential to us that you feel like a part of the team. No one knows your business, customers or clients better than you. We take the time to understand your vision and needs, then work with you to create something that will work optimally for your business.

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