How To Add New Products to Your Online Store

On this page we will run through the steps needed to add a new products to your website.
Make sure you have your login details ready!
You can click on the images to enlarge them and all links in the instructions will open in a new window.

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Product UploadWhat You Will Need:

  • Product CSV File;
  • New Images Folder;
  • A Good, preferably wired, Internet Connection;

Step 1: Collect Resources And Login

Export your new product info as a CSV file and gather all new product images into a new folder.

Make sure the image files are named correctly, no blank spaces!

The login page for your site can be found at the following URL:

Step 2. Go To Image Upload

To add a new images, hover over the “Media” menu option in the left-hand navigation menu and in the fly-out menu, click the “Add New” link.

Step 3. Upload Images

Drag your new images to the “Drop Files Here” section or use the “Select Files” option Give it a little while to respond, then your images will start uploading.

If the upload stalls, or if you see images that froze while Crunching, DO NOT refresh the window! That window will tell you which files have been successfully uploaded.

A. Go back to the new images folder on your computer and separate the images that have been uploaded from the ones that have not.
B. Now refresh the browser window and try re-uploading the images that failed the first time.

If the upload stalls again, repeat step “A”.

Step 4. Upload CSV File

After the images have been uploaded; Click the “CSV Import” menu option in the left-hand navigation menu. From this page click “Choose File” to select the new Product CSV file on your computer. Now click “Load File”.

Step 5 Import Products

On this page you will be shown how the CSV file is interpreted. Make sure that the headers line up to the correct fields. If everything seems in check, click the “Start” button at the bottom of the page.

If this upload stalls you can just start Step 5 again. The CSV Importer will first check to see if a SKU exists and then will either update existing information or add a new product.

Your’e done! Your products are now displayed on your website.