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Remote Education Solutions

Virtual Classrooms

Easy access to classes from your device without requiring downloading an application.

Available to virtually anybody, anywhere and on virtually any device

An always on, secure digital classroom in the cloud – every class becomes a knowledge asset with interactive, customisable, and indexed recordings.


Drive registrations with powerful tools to promote and manage events.

Prepare for events in advance with persistent meeting environments to store layouts and pre-recorded content for seamless, live replay.

Optimise events for maximum effectiveness with analytics.


Easily and quickly prepare, create and deploy engaging live courses and content

Deliver immersive experiences in both live and recorded, on-demand classes

Efficient management and tracking

Easily integrate with existing or new Learning Management Systems

Remote Education Services


I apply my experience and proven track record to find the best approach to deployment for your specific needs – from cloud-based, SaaS, licensed or fully managed.


I can integrate with your existing systems – From your Learning Management System (LMS), to teleconferencing (PGI, Intercall, Arkiden, etc.)


I am available online or onsite to bring your team up to speed and address any eLearning and webinar knowledge gaps

Ongoing Support

You’re never on your own. From set-up and management of the perfect webinar, to optimising layouts, I’m here when you need me.

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About Bryan Hurley

I am a Web Technologies graduate with over 10 years of experience in web development, graphic design, and IT consultation for international clients.

As an educator, I have taught 100’s of courses both online and in classrooms on topics such as web design, development, web security, and graphic design. Over 700,000 students have completed my live online web design courses recognised internationally on the NFQ.

Phone: 051 347 474